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Lady Brainsleeves
Beatlemania was amazing. Front table, right at the edge of the stage, I got to sing Yellow Submarine with them, the Paul Mcartney invited me to hang out in the casino with him after the show but I had to go to back to the hotel with mis hernama. And anyway, John's my favorite. ;) (And the subject line is actually something John Lennon said during the show, before 'She Loves Me'. Yes, I was the 'cute redhead' he pointed at. :D)

But seriously...they played all my favorites, the show was almost two hours, and I won money on The Enchanted Unicorn slot machine! And I felt insanely young, which was really nice. I got IDed a few times, too, because there was some serious doubt as to whether I was 21 or not. :D

And apparently my dad bought me an arcade unit. O.o My friend K comes out to my place a lot, and Thursday when she came over she brought M as he needed a break from packing up their storefront. I guess while M and my dad were off talking old systems, my dad bought one of his refurbished arcade cabinets with 60 classic game options on it. They're delivering it in a couple of hours.

Also, enough time has passed that I'm not afraid to log into my LJ anymore! So there will be more regular updates. Internet stalkers is no fun, yo.
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Lady Brainsleeves

Also, um, hi!

I've been really busy. Spring is crazy here at the ranch, and I've been spending a lot of time in town! And out of it...I spent the weekend in the Verde area, camping with The Wizard and co. Oh man, it was beautiful. We got a secluded camp site, we caught a bazillion crawdads plus FISH! We caught fish with fairy nets! Fish big and healthy enough to eat for lunch!

Which put our camo wearing, country blasting, rod and reel neighbors to shame. ;)

And we floated in the waters in inner tubes, and drank and smoked and forgot the real world existed for a little while. We're hoping to do it all again in two weeks, but maybe go to Childs' instead of BP. We're determined to get our camp on as often as possible this season!

Elf boy is back in CA for the summer, but he wants a Legolas costume waiting for him when he gets back. He even promised not to cut his hair, as long as I make him the costume. Complete with ears. I told him point blank what would happen if he he starts hanging out with me all elfed-out. He said deal. :D

Farmer's Market season is nearly upon us! I've been prepping for that. I had a nice herb garden started in one of my indoor planting cages, but the damn cats managed to Mission Impossible their way inside of it to dig everything up and eat it. :/ They're lucky they're so damn cute and love me unconditionally.

Oh, I've officially picked up Murphy Pendleton as an RP character. :D I've only been playing with him a couple of days, but I'm really enjoying it. And he's my character most likely to break the fourth wall!

Critters are good, family is good! I'm gearing up for the big concert day after tomorrow! Oh, Beatlemania! You sing in my dreams...the closest thing to the real thing you can see live today. I am excite, over 9000. My uncle's coming this Friday, but I'll be at the casino and The Wizard has offered me the spare bedroom whenever I need to hide out in town.

Also, sending out well wishes that will probably not be seen.

Now I need to return to cleaning le bathroom! I am making very good progress....
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Lady Brainsleeves
13 April 2012 @ 01:06 pm
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(Sheila is not actually Sophie's mother, but don't try to tell them that. They won't believe you.)

Also...man, I've become one of Those People. My main contributions to the internet are pictures of my cats.
Lady Brainsleeves
08 April 2012 @ 01:16 pm
Oh this weekend has been lovely!

The Wizard threw me a birthday BBQ Friday Night, and we ended up staying awake till 3 AM playing Liar's Dice and Texas Hold'em! Lots of delicious food was eaten, lots of delicious wine was imbibed and a smattering of green was enjoyed. :D And Valyn came, and he tried to make me a cake, but he was already drunk so it didn't work but I don't care. It was the mere fact that he wanted to make me a cake. He also introduced me to the Dead Rising games!

Yesterday it was Family Day, and my BIL, sister and one niece (eldest) and one nephew (youngest) came up. That was a bit....well, my BIL was rather rude and inconsiderate, but there was nothing me or my mother could really say or do. My littlest nephew kind of made it all better, when he gave me his favorite hackey sack and told me it was a birthday present and I could keep it forever. <3 He was so excited about it, I hugged him and told him it was the best present!

Today (despite being also Giant Bunny Day) we're having quiet at home time. We're getting Chinese food and I'm going to spend the day building the LEGO Black Pearl my folks got me and then playing Silent Hill, as Emi-chan got me the HD collection. <3

Also, delicious Chinese food!
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Lady Brainsleeves
30 March 2012 @ 05:59 pm
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Sophie cat is getting so big! And it turns out she's something of a cam whore and loves getting her picture taken.
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Lady Brainsleeves
30 March 2012 @ 10:32 am

I've already played through Downpour twice and today I'm starting game 3.

I couldn't even tell you what it is about this game that I love so much. It's not nearly as interactive and frightening as a Silent Hill game should be, the Big Reveal is relatively so-so, the action specific button reflex bits are annoying as hell, there aren't any boss battles, the final battle is ridiculously disappointing, the monsters are lackluster for the most part, the ball was dropped on so many aspects and themes that could have been further explored, Murphy comes from the Henry Townshend School of Emoting and Reacting, and yet...

This is my favorite, right up there with The Room.

I'm already freaking working on a Murphy app, and it's kind of eaten my brain.

Maybe it's just that despite the obvious cult presence in the game...the storyline does stay far away from all of that. Or maybe it's Murph and his delicious, delicious tragic angst. Maybe it's all the shout outs to The Room, or perhaps my heart was won simply with the ghost train to hell. I don't know.

I do know I'd hump Murphy Pendleton's leg in a heartbeat, though.
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Lady Brainsleeves

It's got bad reviews. As a Silent Hill game, all I heard in the few days between its release and getting it is that it's not a good Silent Hill game. This immediately inclined towards liking it, as my favorites are The Room and Homecoming - oft toted as the worst of the main series.

Yeah, everything that was said and that I thought is right. For a Silent Hill game, some of the absolute staples of the series aren't exactly present. There's very little interactiveness, there are no save points (it uses the autosave at checkpoint functions), and so far the monsters are rather generic. Murphy hardly says a thing about anything and he moves like Monsieur Heavy Foot. All weapons are breakable and temporary and the controls are clunky. And Murphy himself? Well, I don't remember Henry mentioning his long lost brother given up for adoption, so I assume they'll drop that on us later. (No really, I kind of hope people ship Henry/Murphy just so there will be pictures of them making out. It's the closest I'll ever get to Henry making out with himself.)

THAT SAID! I love it. <3

Honestly, I don't mind the controls. I would prefer a bit more interactive stuff, but a lot of things can just be read without having to click on them. So while Murphster there may not be saying too much - expect about mining technology and underground engineering, he has his priorities - you still have neat things to read.

I love the visuals, there are some exceptionally cool sequences that are entirely unlike anything else in the series (The Devil's Train segment is beautiful!), and I've been enjoying the puzzles and storyline so far.

Though a big thing I'd heard seems to be a lying lie. This is not entirely independent of the Order storylines. I'm only about 23% in, and already mentions of the Orders Rituals, the Gillespie family and demonic miners have shown up already. So don't believe the 'it's just like SH2! It has nothing to do with the cult or religious stuff!' lines.

More thoughts as I play more!
Lady Brainsleeves
23 March 2012 @ 11:02 am
Whiny CrapCollapse )

I should have bought those legos I've been eyeing for months.

But in good news, Leela will be coming back to visit next week! And may even be here for my birthday, which would be awesome. And I've got a mega magical mystery tour vacation planned for August with Emi-chan! L.A, Monterey, Morro Bay, San Simeon... and Ren Faire! Plus we're staying in one loltastically awesome 'themed' hotel, and an adorable B&B.

Speaking of, I need to do my measurements and figure out the style/colors for my garb. We're getting custom commissioned gowns. <3

Though I may hop a flight out there in between, just to get away. I've been trying to get out of town and just...reset, I guess, for a few months now. But shit just keeps coming up, which is nothing new. Emi and I had talked about AX, so...we'll see. And I could really, really use a con now that I'm getting back into anime and manga and haven't been to one in a year or so. PCC looks like it's out, as Val doesn't think he can spare a weekend in Phoenix right at final exam time. Which is entirely understandable, these are his last exams for his Master.

But hey, another point for my meds: I'm interested in things again!
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Lady Brainsleeves
21 March 2012 @ 06:23 pm
So I've been picking and choosing Masters of Horror episodes to watch, and reading their summaries online. (Since you need the episode title to search for it.) I came across a tidbit on the final episode, 'Imprint'. It was deemed too graphic and disturbing to be aired even at midnight on cable, and even the DVD release was edited for content. Mick Garris himself described it as the most disturbing thing he had ever seen on film, and stated he could barely watch it.

Now, having watched a good handful of MoH episodes already, I was perplexed. If Dance of the Dead and Jennifer could be aired (though I believe Jennifer had to be edited some), what in the world was so horrible about Imprint? Even the description was rather bland and vague: A 19th century American tourist gets much more than he bargained for while searching for a Japanese prostitute he fell in love with years earlier.

'Huh', says I. 'I need more information, let's see..... Oh. OH!!'

Before I even began reading a detailed summary, I saw the name of the director. Takashi Miike. (He of Audition and Izo fame, among many others, but those are the ones most horror fans would know.)

So basically what they mean is 'most graphic and disturbing thing ever....by mainstream American standards'. Though lol at Miike for replying, when the episode was cancelled by Showtime, '...I thought for certain I was within the boundaries of what an American TV audience's limits were.'

I am torn between watching it because I do love Japanese horror and also I'd like to see how it hits me (though I'm pretty sure, from the broader summary I read, I actually know part of the story) and not because it looks like another heavy-on-the-sex-horror episode, and really that gets old pretty quickly.
Lady Brainsleeves
19 March 2012 @ 07:12 pm
As I've been stuck sick in bed for a few days, I've been sampling Netflix's offering of my favorite type of television program, the horror/supernatural anthology!

There are three I've been watching, and here are my impressions.

Fear Itself: My favorite, honestly. The first episode (Eater) is pretty gross, but that's the only one with a high 'ick' factor. And honestly, it's the film filters and atmosphere as much as the actual gore that's icky. So unless you really want to see Peggy from Mad Men reprising her role as a plucky female cop trying to make it in a boy's world and also deal with a misogynistic cannibal voodoo serial killer, you can skip it. But the rest were all damn good. The series is created by my own personal favorite horror director, Mick Garris. There are only about 13 episodes, each 50 minutes, and each from a different writer/director team. There are some very Twilight Zone-esque episodes, a few easy to guess endings, and a few spots of overacting, but really it's a nice little collection. I personally quite enjoyed 'Echoes' and 'The Sacrifice'.

And the last episode is based on the same short story that heavily inspired Alan Wake, so there's that.

Master's of Horror: Another Garris series! This one for nighttime cable, so it's kind of boobapalooza. It's the same concept as Fear Itself, but with a bigger budget and more well known directors/writers/actors. It's also severely hit or miss. And Netflix lists each episode as a single movie. And only titles half of them 'Masters of Horror: Title Here', so you have to know the exact title of the episode you're looking for. This makes watching it a bit of a pain. But they're all pretty graphic, and all over the map. The first episode I watched had an amazing female main character, and the next one made uncomfortable and wondering what sort of issues with women the writer had. :/

The Hunger: Showtime anthology that basically just tried to see how many different horror cliches/scenarios it could highly eroticize. The episodes are only half an hour each, and boast such guest stars as Daniel Craig, David Bowie and Collin Ferguson, and are presented in the narrator-box style. Again, extremely hit or miss. The first episode is rather 'meh', the second was creepy and skewed gender ideals and the third turned into a freaking live action hentai in the last five minutes. Also, the narrator parts are trying way, way too hard.
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